Top 10 Things to do in Placencia Village, Belize!

Whether you are on a quick vacation or you live here full time, it is great to remind yourself of all the unusual and unique things that bring people back again and again to Placencia. It is a very special place – remote and exotic, yet you will feel right at home, warmly welcomed, in this artistic and funky little village….

Before you do ANYTHING else in the Village….
1.) Walk the “loop” of the village.
You can’t get lost – follow the loop starting either on the main street or the sidewalk, takes about 30 minutes if you don’t stop anywhere (but you will!) This loop allows you to see the whole village and get a feel for the tour booths, shops, restaurants, and bars that draw you in. As you are walking around, check out the local woodworking, have a coffee at Above Grounds (looks like a treehouse), stop and have a gelato at the famous Tutti Frutti, and have a look at all the farmer’s market stands (we recommend purchasing some tomatoes, an onion, cilantro, a jalapeno, and a lime- mix these together with bit of salt and some tortilla chips from the grocery store – cheap and amazing). Walk by and see what is happening at Tipsy Tuna and Barefoot Bar; they advertise their activities on chalkboards throughout the village (and they are right next to each other, this is the heart of the village fun.) Try Brewed Awakenings for their excellent coffee, blended drinks, and seaweed shakes. ***Must Do’s — Stop and check out the pier – a lot of good bird/people/fisherman/dolphin watching here. ***Enjoy the shops and art galleries all throughout the village. Some SUPER talented artists in this village.


2.) Beach Time/Kayaks, paddleboarding…it is highly recommended that you set a day aside to just enjoy the beach. Some people get a hotel on the beach where they can lay out on cushioned loungers, and some hotels have kayaks and paddleboards for their guests. You can always hang out at Tipsy Tuna, Barefoot Bar, or Cozy Corner, where they have public loungers. Placencia is a GREAT place to do this early in the morning as the sun rises, on days where the water is glassy, this will be an unforgettable experience. Tranquilo is reopening and you can kayak over to get lunch, or kayak over to Placencia Caye and snorkel by the mangroves. Plenty of people see dolphins and manatees in this area. On your beach day you might consider some spa time or yoga – get a massage or spa service at Secret Garden, Ztouch, or Siriphon’s. Do yoga at Eucalipto. Join the Placencia Yoga page for other places yoga is held – this is a big time yoga village :).

3.) Get up for the Sunrise….The sun rises at about 5:30am year round here – and you just HAVE to get up one morning and see it. Most of them are just remarkable, I can’t think of a place I’ve ever been with better sunrises….

4.)Rent a golf cart for the day (or bike if you are hearty)… You can drive/ride it all the way up the peninsula (you are allowed to take it as far as the Placencia Hotel – after that, only cars). You can rent a golf cart at Captain Jak’s or Barefoot Rentals right in the village. You can drive north through an authentic Garifuna village in Seine Bight (this is not set up for tourists, while it looks a bit rough, the locals are warm and friendly, and are very used to visitors – lunch at Vern’s is one of the top rated places for local food.) Farther up, you will end up entering charming Maya Beach. Here you will find what looks like Florida from the 1940’s. I highly recommend lunch or dinner at Mango’s, Maya Bistro, Naia, or Belize Ocean Club. Park your cart, and walk around here on the beach – lots of little quiet beach bars. Most places let you walk around their facilities. Another worthwhile stop to sightsee is Singing Sands – very charming place for lunch. You can bowl at Jaguar Lanes, or check out the Placencia Hotel (this is where the casino is.)

5.) Rent a car for the day… (easy to do from the village – Barefoot Rentals is a good one), and either go to the Maya King waterfalls – this is a popular place to have lunch, swim, and picnic, just north of the peninsula. It is a relatively safe and easy drive. A bit farther away, but within an hour, there is amazing hiking at Bocawina (and ziplining.) A fun stop on the way home is Lost Reef, for a couple drinks and a swim. You can even check out a working Banana Farm, or do amazing hiking at Bocawina or Cockscomb if you are willing to drive a bit farther.

6.) Snorkel at Silk Caye/Laughingbird Caye – arguably the most popular excursion in this fishing village, you can do this tour with anything from a luxury catamaran group sail to a small local skiff, to one of these islands – great snorkeling with sharks, rays, turtles, fish etc. A catamaran (Nautical Adventures) is the most expensive option- it is very comfortable, you enjoy the journey/sail there, and there is champagne and a lobster lunch on the island :). You can also take a more casual local skiff and enjoy the small private group snorkel.

7.) Go to Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve – this is a hike through the rainforest, with a waterfall swim, natural lazy river tubing through the rainforest, and natural rock slides. You can do it all with Doyle at DTourz.

8.) Take a day trip to Ranguana Caye (a gorgeous private island). This is a calendar-worthy private island, you can kayak/snorkel/paddleboard right by the reef, you go for the day and it is all about relaxing and lounging around, gorgeous beaches, rustic, natural, like you are shipwrecked.

9.) Take a National Geographic-worthy boat trip to Monkey River, where you will find an untouched village and crazy wildlife. The village looks like it did decades ago, and you will think you are somewhere crazy exotic. You will also stand under trees with a monkey family up in them, and probably see crocodiles and manatees.

10.) Do the highly-rated Taste Belize tours for all things culture and food. You can learn about authentic hearth cooking with a Mayan or Garifuna Family, learn Garifuna drumming, go to an actual rainforest where cacao is grown – and make it yourself, tour an exotic spice farm, and more!

*** Runner Up – this isn’t technically Placencia – but many people go to Cayo for a day trip if their vacation is based in Placencia. This is the “Wild West” of Belize and it is highly recommended to do the ATM Cave Tour or a half day Xunantunich Mayan ruins with the other half Cave Tubing.

I didn’t even get to hit on ALL the many food options in Placencia – that is the next post 🙂


Laura Diffendal

Laura and her husband David purchased a half acre on the Caribbean Sea in 2014, in Placencia, Belize. They have built their own version of paradise, and they now operate the only boutique, adults-only microresort, walking distance to everything in the village. Caribbean Beach Cabanas was rated the 2017 Small Hotel of the Year by the Belize Tourism Board, and was featured on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt. You can visit their site at In April of 2018, they opened their second boutique hotel,, in Ambergris Caye!

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