Belize Sailing Charters Experience :)

Belize Sailing Charters Experience :)
We had a GREAT day yesterday! It was Madalyn and Tom’s last day and the weather was perfect. Dave and I started the day at the Community Center, where Rotary and the local teachers had a great day, with the Seine Bight and Placencia scholarship students getting to know each other for the new school year. Dave and I met our two students and are very excited to assist with the mentoring program. Here are a few pictures of the morning event:




We then met up with Madalyn, Tom, Kate, Chris, Sonia, Hayley, and Gari and got on a beautiful 42 foot catamaran…it was an amazing boat and it was a highly recommended experience! We went with Michelle and Ed, and they took great care of us. It was such a memorable time and if a day of sailing, swimming, and snorkeling. We got quite a workout at the snorkel stop as the current was pretty rough 🙂 Gari got a few mouthfuls of water and I kept stepping on things that were sharp 🙂 (note to wear flippers and not be a hero next time 🙂 )

Here are a bunch of pictures of the day:

Rob from Belize Sailing Charters….highly recommended, he was a great guy to work with!
 Michelle and Ed 🙂
  Team Cleveland 🙂
 Beautiful cabin of the catamaran


 Tom and Madalyn at the helm 🙂
  Gari and Hayley
 Madalyn looking pretty


 Tandem diving….always seems cool after a few beers
 Sweet jumps


Gari’s sad face after inhaling too much sea water 🙁 He was a trooper!
 Sonia looking like she belongs on a sailboat 🙂
Hayley and Gari right before sunset 🙂
 Great pic of Chris and Sonia….he is making a normal face for once!

So poor Sticks had to go to the dogsitters for the day….with all the excitement with moving and new guests he hasn’t slept much. He was a tired pup this morning!

Today is Sunday and we relaxed most of the day….we were pretty worn out and needed a day off 🙂 Saeed delivered the bamboo and it will be a looong work week this week….but at the end we will have a finished casita! Sadly we dropped Tom and Madalyn off and they are missed! Kate has till Tuesday and is going to try to go to Laughingbird Caye for one more snorkel 🙂


Laura Diffendal

Laura and her husband David purchased a half acre on the Caribbean Sea in 2014, in Placencia, Belize. They have built their own version of paradise, and they now operate the only boutique, adults-only microresort, walking distance to everything in the village. Caribbean Beach Cabanas was rated the 2017 Small Hotel of the Year by the Belize Tourism Board, and was featured on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt. You can visit their site at In April of 2018, they opened their second boutique hotel,, in Ambergris Caye!

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